Michael Cooke, Co-Writer, Director & Cinematographer

Michael got his start in the ever-changing environment of Television and Music videos while living in Atlanta, Georgia. There, he fell in love with moving pictures and since then spends most of his waking moments with a camera to his eye. Currently, as a Director and Cinematographer, Michael’s work has taken him across the country and around the world to work. His directorial debut, Across the Tracks, has won multiple awards, including an African Movie Academy Award, A Ceaser & Best Short Film at UK's Music Video and Screen Awards. He is currently in development on his debut feature film; Walled Gardens a character driven drama that follows a week in the life of a public school teacher. With his rich visual palette and innate sense of light Michael’s work not only captures fleeting moments, but brings them forward for his audience’s rumination. He is currently based in New York City 


Kimberly James, Co-Writer & Producer

Kimberly is a Writer and Producer with more than a decade of experience in international TV & Film. Born and raised in the Midwest, she spent half her life moving to Asia, Africa and different parts of the US, and has worked in over 30 countries and wandered through 17 others. Three of her concepts were official selections in major TV pitch competitions in Asia. The first feature film she was involved with Sandcastle premiered at Cannes Critics' Week and her first American feature Home (where she met Michael) has won more than 10 awards including multiple wins for best film. She produced various international seasons of The Amazing Race, which have won 6 awards, including an Emmy Award for The Amazing Race Australia. She has rappelled down skyscrapers and snuggled up to cheetahs, but she counts this film as her greatest leap of faith. Kimberly is a member of the Producer's Guild of America and is now based in New York City.


Errol Sadler, Producer

Errol Sadler, raised in Brooklyn, NY is the founder of Supremacy Films, an Atlanta based film company, and he is one of the most sought after producers in the Atlanta Film Industry. He produced four short films such as Up In Smoke, No Crime, Letters to a Father, Prognosis, that were featured in numerous film festivals across the US. His feature film Echo at 11 Oak Drive premiered at Sundance, which was the feature length version of Echoes that premiered at Cannes. It is currently pending distribution. 


Don Battee, Producer & "Walter Lee"

Don has appeared in numerous television, film, theatrical and commercial productions across the globe, including The Matrix Trilogy, Peter Pan, Sniper, X-Men Wolverine, and recently in the Weinstein Company’s musical hit, The Sapphires, which received a 10-minute standing ovation at Cannes. Don recently accepted the position of Asia-Pacific Director of The Collective Initiative, an organization dedicated to supporting diverse independent content creators from under represented communities. Recent projects produced and acted include Things You Shouldn't Know About Me and "LADY LUCK".


Eric Oliver, Production Designer 

An artist by temperament & training and a filmmaker by trade, Eric has never been one to settle on a single way of doing things or of seeing the world. Growing up in NYC, he received a BFA in photography from Stanford University and soon after began working in motion picture and television production in Los Angeles as an assistant director. He has continued to enjoy working in film & television and as an artist & designer for clients from within the film industry and from without.


Isabella Way, Co-Producer/Casting Director

Isabella has been in the business for over 10 years as an actor/dancer/singer and has recently jumped into casting and producing. She's enjoyed dancing in the Making of Frozen to the BET Awards and acting credits include Criminal Minds, Entourage, Master Class, Cabaret and many commercials. She recently directed the LA-Northwestern Alumni Showcase and cast a super top secret video game voiceover project. Currently, she's writing/producing her own webseries, thirtydumpling. Isabella can be found splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York City.


Kyle Wullschleger, Steadicam/Cam Op

Kyle is an internationally traveled IATSE Local 600 Cameraman and Steadicam Operator. For the last 4 years he has worked on countless TV series and feature films, including Saturday Night Live. He has worked under some award winning directors and cinematographers. Kyle will bring a level of advance operating and technical prowess not seen in most indies.


Lindsey Wiseman,  Hair Department Head

Since childhood, Lindsey has seen herself as a Hair Stylist.  She has been sharing her passion for the beauty industry for over ten years and continues to learn innovative techniques by attending educational seminars and hands-on workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. She is also the Creative Director for Salon Modello, where her hair and makeup team resides, and a National Educator for Aquage. Over the years, she has earned several awards and certifications. With a Master Cosmetology License, Lindsey’s talents include specializing in color, cutting with precision, sculpting beautiful eyebrows, and special occasion hair artistry. 


Anna Bearman,  Special Effects Makeup & Makeup Department Head

Anna's make up abilities are not limited to one style. She is an artist at both traditional and special effects makeup. Anna has enjoyed styling for award winning films and photo publications throughout the country.


Talysha Monee, Costume Designer

Talysha has been styling herself since she was in single digits. For almost half a decade, here, in New York City, she has steeped herself in the Art Department’s on countless films, TV shows, and editorial shoots. Her unique style and keen thrifting abilities bring depth and authenticity to each story she encounters. She specializes in period pieces, because the history of clothing and artifacts are timeless.


Corey Poindexter, Production Sound Mixer

Corey Poindexter is an Emmy award winning audio engineer. Originally from Dalton, GA, Corey moved to Ohio and graduated with honors from Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication, earning a bachelor's degree in Audio Production. He started out working in post-production for video/film, cutting his teeth as a sound designer, foley artist, composer, and post supervisor, before moving into location sound.